8 Jul 2014

New Mehndi Designs 2014 for Eid

Mehndi designing is much more popular around the eid. every one is looking for new and beautiful Mehndi designs, Because eid is a festival of Happiness and our believe is that Mehndi on hands shows happiness thats why every girl and women wants to apply Mehndi on their hands to show their happiness.
now a days Mehndi designing is more popular then its past, so it change its trends. each and every girl likes its own type of Mehndi.... some girls like full hand Mehndi designs, some like light and simple Mehndi designs, some likes arabic mehndi designs, and some girls like Indian or Pakistani Mehndi design, some likes flower Mehndi but some likes round circle Mehndi designs. this is because every girl and women is different from another so this diffrence make different trends....but we all girls and women love Mehndi designing most because its our happiness.
So here is all new and beautiful Mehndi designs for girls and women because Mehndi360 is all about Mehndi designing....

I hope you will like my effort to collect new Mehndi Designs...

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