5 Oct 2012

Bridal Mehndi Designs

  Mehndi designs play a very important role for the completion of bride preparations. As we know that Asian bride is incomplete without applying beautiful mehndi designs on her hands, feet and arms.
 Wedding day is special and important for every girl and it’s the wish of every girl to look special on that day. But it’s only possible if bridal dress, shoes, jewellery, makeup and mehndi designs should be beautiful for giving special look.
Different sort of designs has been used on different occasions like bridal mehndi designs have been used on marriage ceremonies to decorate brides.
 These bridal mehndi designs are extremely 
beautiful and elegant. we are sharing few but 
beautiful bridal mehndi designs...  
Hope you will enjoy...

Mostly bridal mehndi designs are very elegant,beautiful but
 heavy designs both arms and hands and feet and legs
 are fully decorated with mehndi designs.

Here is another post to show 
simple bridal mehndi designs
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Sravani Gopal said...

Hi Fatimah... Very nice collection... Love to follow your blog... I'm also interested in mehndi Designing and you can have a look at my own designs in my blog


Unknown said...

Thanks you Sravani for your lovely comment.

Zain said...

Wow This is a great Foot Mehndi Collection.