25 Jun 2012

How To Darken Mehndi Colour?

Henna is the favorite way of enhancing beauty amongst women in the Middle East and south Asia. It is used as both a hair treatment as well as a dye to make decorative designs on the hands, arms.feet,legs and nails.


Mehndi is liked by all women due to its beautiful ,vibrant color  which lasts on skin approximately a week, sometimes we want to Darken the colour of  mehndi.

 so here are some tips....

After finished with the mehndi design you can apply:-

  • Mix lemon juice and sugar in a boul and apply this on your hands for at least half an hour.
  • Once the mehndi starts to fall off, apply vicks on your hands.
  • Heat a few cloves on a pan grind it with little amount of water in cloves powder and apply it on your hands for 10 to 15 min. 
  • Warm your palms before you wash off the mehndi.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, leave mehndi overnight.

The longer you keep away from water, the darker you mehndi will be. mehndi stops attaining color, the minute you wash it with water.

If you wanna see some designs for hands and legs 

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