24 Jun 2012

How To Make Hinna Paste?

Henna (biologically known as Lawsonia inermis) is a flowering plant. Extracts from the leaves of the plant have been used to create a natural red-brown dye used to color skin, nails, hair.

Its leaves are also used in fresh and dried form.Fresh leaves of mehndi are crushed and then make a thick paste of it.
 In old days people use this thick paste of it to make hands,arms,feet and nail beautiful.
Dried leaves of  mehndi are crushed and then make powder of it. now a days in markets we find different types of powder of mehndi. Green mehndi powder,Brown mehndi powder,black mehndi powder etc etc..but...for the best result of the mehndi,Green mehndi powder is best because it is made with the fresh leaves of mehndi.

It is commercially cultivated in many countries, such as India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

 Henna is used particularly in Africa and South Asia, especially to decorate the bride’s hands and feet. It symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and beautifies the body. Inspired by this decoration of hands, it is now a popular art all over the world. 

Here are some recipes of making mehndi paste:- 
  • Recipe No 1 – 
    Take one cup of water and make tea (about four teaspoons of tea) letting it boil until it becomes less than one quarter. Add to it two tablespoons of coffee and sufficient henna to make a thin watery paste. Add to it five to six drops of clove oil, or the paste of five-six cloves. Allow it to cool for about 2-3 hours and then use as you need.   
  • Recipe No 2 
    Take two tablespoons of pure henna powder. Take about five slices of dried lemon and boil it with a teaspoon of sugar until it becomes bright red. Allow to cool until warm and mix the henna powder. Let is soak overnight. Add to this paste half a spoon of geranium essential oil and one teaspoon of cajeput essential oil.  In case you find that the paste has become too thick add to it a little water – warm would be best.  
  • Recipe No 3 
    Take about three tablespoons of henna powder an mix it with half a spoon of mustard oil; add to the mixture the juice of half a lemon and adjust the consistency by adding water at room temperature. Put the mixture in a cone and you are ready to make designs. This mixture is best used when you need fast supplies as it does not need to be kept overnight.

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